Hacienda Suites

1 guests
2 beds
3 baths

A luxurious and quiet refuge with gardens, palm trees, a multipurpose pool for children and adults, lounge chairs, the bar “La Molienda”, the restaurant “Rancho Viejo”, in a colonial style that recalls the squares of the Mexican towns, with special events on weekends. Relax, and refresh your mind and body while getting a beautiful tan, with a delicious margarita on your side, surrounded by colonial arches and flowering bougainvillea, lounging on a lounge chair while your loved ones have fun in the pool and wading pool.

  • “Las Misiones Room” 
    Hall for 60 people (in auditorium style), with modern sound and audiovisual equipment available
  • The hotel has 24-hour guarded parking.
  • https://www.haciendasuites.com/en