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Throughout the year, Loreto BCS hosts a variety of events that cater to different interests and showcase the town's vibrant culture. All these events, along with other local celebrations and cultural activities, offer visitors a unique opportunity to experience the charm and diversity of Loreto throughout the year.
  • desértica evento grastronómico
  • full moon festival 2023
  • festival de luces en el mar
  • fotos con santa claus
  • festival de la almeja chocolata
  • festival de la noche de la conquista
  • x festival de la almeja chocolata 2024
X Festival

Chocolate Clam

Experience the excitement of the 10th Chocolate Clam Gastronomic Festival in Loreto 2024! On behalf of the Association of Restaurants and Bars of Loreto A.C., we extend our gratitude to our sponsors:

  • Las Parras
  • Ley Express
  • NationalRenaCar
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